Welcome to Webpagecollection, We are happy to provide you with the best Myspace Orkut comment graphics, glitters comments, comment images and a lot more useful web page collection! Make your profile look cool and leave your friends Funny myspace ,orkut Comments and Glitter Graphics. Even though it says it's for Orkut, you may use these on any personal blog. That includes hi5, Friendster, Xanga, Piczo, TagWorld, Tagged or any of the others you participate on. Enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How do I send these greetings in orkut / myspace friends as post scrap?
A1. Click on the code given below the graphics copy the selected code and paste it in your friend's scrapbook and Post Scrap.

Q2. Can I send these greetings in email also?
A2. Webpagecollection.com do not support sending these graphics in email like normal e-greetings, but you can still send these images to your email buddies using the save image and send it as an attachment
Q3. Can I send these graphics to anyone's scrapbook in orkut?
A3. No! You can send these graphics to only the Orkut members who are in your friend list.